welcome to my twisted mind

I've been obsessed with a Spongebob episode for nearly a decade, the episode aired on January 15, 2007, the episode name is Hocus Pocus. There is this kid in this episode that is a real shithead towards his father, The kid hates pistachio ice cream so what does he do? He fucking asks for it and then bitches and throws a pissy fit to his father. I honestly can't explain why I hate this kid so much. I hate this kid so much that I have even created 13 stuff toys resembling the character over the years. I then proceed to watch the scene about 10 times to build up my anger even more and then unleash about 300 punches in 20 seconds on the toy, i usually do this about everyday. I'm on the 13th because after about 7 months I've literally punched the fabric away from the toy, their usually just pieces of string holding stuffing together. After 10 years of doing this I'm finally beginning to question my sanity, it has NEVER occurred to me before that this is not normal behaviour. Do I have anger issues or is this perfectly acceptable?